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Hobbyists and Gardeners, why don't you grow your herbs, microgreens, and salads hydroponically, which has plenty of benefits? Oh, nobody guided you... I see. Well, listen to me today and listen well. Having an indoor garden is a great feeling. But how you grow matters the most. You can earn a few bucks while spending hundreds of bucks. Or you can spend a few bucks and earn hundreds of bucks. It's all your choice. A little investment can give you plant yield. Come sit with me and let me tell you, "Why growing indoor herbs, microgreens and vegetables hydroponically is...

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What is Urban Agriculture: How Can It Help Feed Cities? Urban agriculture isn't just the hottest topic in discussion; it's as practical as it gets! Living in small houses and apartments, urban farms provide a means for the family to grow their own food. Urban farming is not a new concept. During WWII, many Americans planted their own food in backyards, calling it "victory garden." The homegrown harvest eventually ended up making 40% of the nation's food supplies. However, with the advancing rural agriculture, the trend of urban farming gradually faded. Today, urban agriculture has made a serious comeback and...

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