Having a Hydroponic Kitchen Garden | A great journey from pot to plate

Having a Hydroponic Kitchen Garden | A great journey from pot to plate

Hobbyists and Gardeners, why don't you grow your herbs, microgreens, and salads hydroponically, which has plenty of benefits? Oh, nobody guided you... I see.

Well, listen to me today and listen well.

Having an indoor garden is a great feeling. But how you grow matters the most.

You can earn a few bucks while spending hundreds of bucks. Or you can spend a few bucks and earn hundreds of bucks. It's all your choice.

A little investment can give you plant yield.

Come sit with me and let me tell you, "Why growing indoor herbs, microgreens and vegetables hydroponically is great."


Growing Herbs, Microgreens, Salad Hydroponically-A complete package


We all love our garden. Because it keeps us happy and healthy at the same time.

But if you think that you don't want to grow them hydroponically, this article is not for you. Still, reading?

Great, let's talk about growing herbs, microgreens, and salads one by one!


1.    Growing Salads hydroponically -Best for lettuce lovers


Being a gardener, what is the most important thing for you? To keep your plants striving and thriving the whole year…right?

But four seasons in a year won't allow you to do that! So, how can you optimize the growth of your salads regardless of climate?

The answer is simple: Hydroponics.

It will allow you to grow your plants in an ideal environment throughout the whole year. 

Worried about maintaining pH and temperature? Say a happy Good-bye to these factors. With hydroponics, you can monitor them as par requirements of the plant.


Salad Box-Make your salads smile

The problem with most of the gardeners is, there are so many hydroponic kits in the market. So, they get confused about which one to buy!

But don't worry, I have got your sides covered!

The salad box is the cheapest and most effective hydroponic kit.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word hydroponics?

Water or air pumps, electricity, etc. right? Guess what? There is no such thing in the salad box.

It makes it easy and user friendly. 

It is a super-fast medium for growth, especially lettuce–it grows 30% faster than other mediums. 

Want to know more about the salad box? Here is a complete video about its installation!


2.    Growing Herbs hydroponically–The pride of Cooks and friend of physician


Growing herbs at home are called indoor herb gardening. Herb has a juicy and fleshy stem and has an incredible aroma. Herbs are one of the easiest vegetables or plants to grow in your backyard. 

But the question is, why and how should we grow them?

Well! If you haven't yet tried growing herbs hydroponically in your garden, your garden is missing something great. 

I would say that a garden without herbs is like fish without water.

Herbs have many types, and each herb has its own growing cycle and environmental conditions.


Sunblaster LED Grow light Garden–Perfect for herb garden.

You can grow herbs wherever you want but growing them indoors is best. The reason is they cannot bear heat and temperature. And they may die.

So, how would you like them to grow indoor? By placing them in simple pots or soil? Well, both are not good options. Let me tell you why?

When you grow herbs in soil or pot, you will face difficulty maintaining their pH, temperature, etc. 

Light is the most crucial factor in plant growth. Do you think there will be an ample amount of light indoor?

The answer is NO.

So, what will be best for you? Our Sunblaster Led Garden Grow light

And here's why it is best!

It helps your herbs grow 40% faster than the other growth mediums. 

Enough with keeping an eye on when and how much to water. The auto-watering system of Sunblaster saves a lot of water and time. 

On top of that, the plant will get only the amount of water it needs—a perfect fit for your herbal garden.

3.    Microgreens And soil-less gardening–One day or day one, you decide 

We all love microgreens. Not because they are fast and easy growing, they have some great health benefits as well.

But why should you grow them hydroponically?

Well! You may want to grow them without soil as you can:

  1. Save water
  2. Grow them anywhere you want
  3. Maintain pH, temperature, and nutrient supply, etc.
  4. Grow microgreens without composting

Enough with the benefits, let's discuss what you need to have a hydroponic microgreen garden?


Growing Trays

Microgreens are best grown when placed in growing trays. There are different sizes of trays available in the market. 

I would encourage you to buy standard sized 40.75" x 12.75" x 4.5" plastic trays. 

They have drainage holes, which helps plants to retain moisture.


Reflectors auto-watering Garden



The reflectors auto-watering garden are the perfect fit for microgreen production. 

They are very cost-effective as well as significantly to use. It comes with two SunBlaster fluorescent tubes that act as an excellent lighting source. Want to hear the great news? It consumes 20% less light as compared to traditional lighting sources.

Its auto-watering system allows you to save more than 50% of water. Amazing, isn't it?

Don't miss the complete guide video underneath!

4.    Final words-We must Stop now

The growing world population is causing a drift in climate change. And it is having a drastic impact on our ecosystem. 

We must stop now. Stop using conventional methods in farming.

We must shift from manipulating our soil to soil-less gardening. Hydroponics is not less than lifesavers as they play a significant role in the sustainability of the environment.   

That's why I would say that Having herbs, microgreens, or salads in your hydroponic garden is great. 

Thanks for sticking with me till end. 

Now I don't want to come between you and Your hydroponic garden. It must be waiting for you. Go and give your best to have the best!!!!

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